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Anzisha Prize Forum


On 22 October 2019, the Anzisha Prize will be hosting the Anzisha Forum  (previously known as the Anzisha Gala) where we will be handing out over USD $100,000 in funding to the top 20 of Africa's very youngest and brightest entrepreneurs. Every year we host the Anzisha Forum where the young entrepreneurs are awarded their prize money and the grand prize winners are announced.

This year the Forum will take place on 22 October 2019. All our activities will be geared towards looking into the future. This year’s theme is: heads, hearts and hands. We want to influence with our knowledge, inspire with our stories and spur action with our vision.

Why is this important?

Everyone agrees that entrepreneurship can drive job creation. However, not enough skills and resources are provided to young African entrepreneurs.

The Anzisha Prize offers very young entrepreneurs across Africa seed funding and comprehensive business and individual support to enable them to thrive as business owners. The concept behind the Anzisha Forum is that if we can tell the stories of young entrepreneurs, they can inspire teenagers everywhere to follow their footsteps.

The Anzisha Forum is a platform to widely celebrate the young entrepreneurs and provide exposure to global opportunities to accelerate their path to entrepreneurship success, proving to the young African cohort that entrepreneurship is a viable path.

2018 Anzisha Fellow, Amanda Jojo


The Forum will offer three sessions that will allow guests to interact with each other, youth entrepreneurship literature and allow for networking with Africa's top entrepreneurs. Look out for more information on the various sessions that you will be able to attend in the next month!



Anzisha Scenario (heads):

We will host 4 sessions of the Anzisha Scenario enabling guests to understand our vision, understand why it’s important and apply their minds to it. The first interaction with the Anzisha fellows will take place in this session.



Design Thinking  (hands):

Anzisha finalists will present, in rotation to a group of 10 to 15 guests a challenge that they are facing in their business and guests will offer advice and/or resources.



Anzisha Gala (heart):

The main event begins! During this session the winners will be announced and guests will receive their prizes while revelling in the entertainment line-up.

Register to attend

The forum is an invitation only event. However, due to unprecedented demand and interest from our media campaigns, we have released a block of tickets on a waitlist. If you would like to apply for one of these tickets, please email with your name, contact details, organisation and why you would like to attend. There is no cost to attend, should you be awarded a ticket.

Media Partners


If you are a member of the media, and would like to cover the event, please contact us on to get your press accreditation.